Gail Johnson steps down

Election to fill City Commission post expected soon

by Joe Courter

“After a lot of thought, prayer and conversations with trusted friends, family and mentors, I have decided to resign from my position as Commissioner for the City of Gainesville.

“The collective good has always been the reason why I do this job, and I believe the reason that I am here is to advocate for those most underserved by local government.

“However, for more than a year, it has become increasingly difficult to do the job I was twice elected to do. I can do any challenging job as long as I see the path, as long as I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I no longer see the path that will allow me to continue serving the people of Gainesville in the way I know you deserve …”

It is with the above words At Large City Commissioner Gail Johnson announced her decision to step away from the City Commission. Her full explanation is on her Aug. 23 Facebook post. 

She is a strong, forward-looking woman, and her work making Gainesville better will not stop, and probably increase outside the constraints and frustrations of elected office. 

There will be an election to fill her term in the next couple months, but this decision has already shown a light on the fact that there are problems to be addressed; if you care about Gainesville, read her statement. More next issue. 

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