National Abortion Rights NOW!

Jane Pollack holds a sign that captures the mood at the Gainesville rally for reproductive rights on Oct. 2. Photo by Candi Churchill

by Joe Courter

In just a few short weeks after Texas’ restrictive abortion law was green lighted by the Supreme Court, plans for massive nationwide resistance hatched, and Alachua County was right in the mix. Organized by National Women’s Liberation and North Central Florida Indivisible and a host of other organizations, twin marches from the UF Campus area and from Depot Park converged at newly dedicated Cora Roberson Park Saturday afternoon Oct. 2.

Here, and nationwide the message was clear: women demand autonomy over her own bodies, that reproductive decisions are hers and hers alone to make.  Speakers and marchers spanned from youth to elders, and the broad lawn of the park was filled with people, perhaps a thousand or more.

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