WGOT says ‘thank you’

by Chris Lake, WGOT Board Member

As a small local non-profit we can’t thank our supporters enough. WGOT has the best listeners in and outside Gainesville. More than ever we need your support as fundraising during the Covid era increasingly becomes more challenging. WGOT is used to having several live fundraisers each year, including an annual birthday celebration featuring several of the best local bands in Alachua County. 

Unfortunately, those days seem long ago. Plus, the Delta Variant is cause for concern regarding our ability to fundraise heading into 2022 and beyond. So how can you help WGOT?

1. If you are on Facebook, please like the WGOT page. Pinned to the top of the page is our latest GoFundMe effort. The Facebook page is also where we promote all of our fundraising information. 

2.  Consider subscribing through Patreon as a sustaining supporter. It is hard to overstate how much we value our subscribers. Patreon provides steady revenue each month that provides the funds to stream on the internet and pay other basic expenses. You can subscribe for as little as $1 a month.

3. We need more local businesses to sponsor programming on WGOT. Underwriting is a way to promote both your business and WGOT. As mentioned above, we have loyal, community minded, and educated listeners who will support your local business whether large or small.

4. Turn off Spotify or algorithm driven services and tune into WGOT which is hosted by local residents with amazing and diverse tastes in music. Please remember that you can listen to WGOT and stream on-line through the WGOT.org webpage.

5. Consider volunteering your time. Everyone has particular expertise and volunteer opportunities aren’t limited to hosting a show. WGOT has opportunities that can be accomplished remotely without leaving the comfort of your house. 

Thanks for your continued support,

Your friends at WGOT 100.1FM

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