From the publisher … Had enough?

by Joe Courter

Nothing like the power of Nature to give you perspective. Thank you Ian for avoiding Alachua County. However, a fallen tree on a power line took out my power for a day, minor compared to what so many experienced but still… such a good feeling when power came back on. With its restoration the song “People Have the Power” came to mind, first with humor, then with more significance as I contemplated the need to write this piece.

Indeed we have the power. We good people are many, but dis-united. And we are  run by fools, fools fixated on ideology, greed, fear, personal power. Some blend strict free market capitalism and judgmental religion. They espouse an ideology which abhors cooperation with and acceptance of others, and purports their One True Way,

Those many of us who live outside of abject poverty have access to things Kings, Queens and Pharaohs could only dream of. Our society has created the wonderment of small personal devices with the knowledge of the world. We can view the weather from above, see the clouds, winds, storms. A vast collection of the world music and art is at our fingertips. We can communicate with anyone by pushing buttons. We humans did this. We have never had such abilities. We have a little rover driving around on Mars. Our medical advances and scientific discoveries are astounding. And yet, look at what our relatively few occupants of the seats of power are doing while we many live our lives in our dis-united little worlds.

We people need to wake up to our power, and this election is more pivotal than any in my lifetime, because democracy hangs in the balance. Our very electoral system is being challenged. Authoritarian fools are gaining power worldwide, and this country is no exception. They use fear, division, hate and intolerance – old tricks of authoritarian movements combined with a perverse application of communication technology, to create or enhance big lies that unite their followers. I am sick of it.

I have had enough of not seeing immigrants as fellow humans; DeSantis’s Martha’s Vineyard stunt was so arrogantly inhumane.  I’ve had enough of intolerance of my Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans friends who just want to live their lives, and be who they are. I’ve had enough of male supremacy, the sexism,  the fear of rape and assault, and now, NOW, the taking away of bodily autonomy, the right to an abortion, a right fought for for decades now being tossed aside. I have had enough of denials of systemic racism. 

I have had enough of a military-industrial complex that eats up monies that could be used to heal, to educate, and insure a better living standard for so many in need. And now, with the melting glaciers, and the storms we see fed by the climate-changing way of life we lead, we see denial by our leaders, and the blossoming of a new “Energy War,” reversing climate change goals as war is substituted for diplomacy and cooperation between nations. It is a dangerous game that makes the lives of so many so much harder, let alone the risk of nuclear war. I have had enough.

We need to get out the vote for November 8th like never before. Complacency and apathy are shirking the duties of being a citizen and enjoying what we have. Do you need more motivation than that those tools of the fools are actually attacking us?  Here in Gainesville: bricks through windows of the Pride Center, Planned Parenthood, and Democratic Party Headquarters? This kind of crap is going on around the country. We can beat them with our votes. This is our fight: DeSantis OUT, Rubio OUT, Cammack OUT. Even if Democrats aren’t exactly what we want, side by-side-no comparison, right down the ballot. 

I am for the good but will take the lesser evil too. We need to make the system work better for those who need help. You know you care; see what you can do. Talk to friends, donate time and/or money. This election in November is huge. We can do this. And yes, you might say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one. C’mon, let’s go!

“The power to dream, to rule
To wrestle the world from fools” 

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