Get involved with Free Grocery Store at Civic Media Center

The Free Grocery Store (FGS) is a food-based mutual aid project hosted by the Civic Media Center. 

The FGS seeks to challenge the commodification of food that has led to unequal food access and address the food waste inherent in our current food systems. To do so, we distribute free, sustainable food to members of the community. 

We’re currently packing and delivering free food to a total of 314 individuals across 101 households every two weeks. We also maintain a garden space at the McRorie Community Garden, which provides fresh veggies for us to share with community members. 

As we grow and increase the number of community members we are able to serve, we will need help with packing, driving, and gardening, along with other tasks involved in organizing our efforts. To help, you can find and message us on Instagram @gnvfgs, sign up/donate online using our linktree at, or email us at to get in touch.

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