Radio silence? Can you help?

by Chris Lake and Fred Sowder

WGOT Volunteers

Where there used to be vibrant discussion, there is now silence. Voices once representing the oppressed and diverse have been cast aside for personal gratification via popular entertainment. Community level discussions that once took center stage are now gone. Elections keep producing winners with little interest in supporting social justice or anti-fascism. 

How could such things happen? Sounds dystopian and hopeless, doesn’t it? 

Things don’t have to continue in this direction. Your community radio station could use your help in multiple ways and we invite you to join our family. 

Do you have tech skills that could be put to use toward WGOT’s website or studio gadgetry? Are you a fundraising or community-building powerhouse? Can you do simple data entry and curation tasks? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please consider contacting us at asking how you can help. As we hopefully emerge from this pandemic, we could use more help than ever.

If you’ve always wanted to host a podcast, how about putting some minor tweaks on it so it reaches a whole new audience on the radio as well as streaming on demand? 

New programs are always being added to WGOT’s schedule. One recent example is Salvation: The Punk Rock Revival. Cohosts Leigh Scott and Jay “Pops” Cogar bring you some of the rawest and crucial tunes from the punk genre. After getting its start on commercial radio a couple decades ago, we’re honored to have Salvation now be a part of WGOT.

You may have noticed some technical difficulties with WGOT and our FM signal on 100.1FM. We are working to resolve those issues as quickly as possible. But frankly, that is going to take money, which is something WGOT is lacking after two years of Covid wrecking our normal fundraising efforts. 

What you can do to help and support us is to subscribe to WGOT via <>. Deepest thanks to all of our supporters already on the platform.You can also give the WGOT Facebook page a like and view our pinned posts there from time to time to find out what’s happening in our world. 

In the meantime, you can listen to WGOT anywhere you have an internet connection. Just visit <> for all the details. We hope to have all the technical problems fixed as soon as possible. But until then, keep it loud, Gainesville! And don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.

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