Ron DeSantis, the bully

by Anonymous

I work for the University of Florida. I used to be so proud of that. Unfortunately, I am not so proud now. 

You see, I’m being bullied. I’m being bullied by our anti-woke governor. His tactics include daily attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion, interfering in curriculum matters, hiring presidents behind closed doors, and retaliating against those who dare to disagree. This bully is backed by his minions in the state legislature, and they have joined together to form an anti-woke cabal, laying waste to enlightened policies, progress, and social justice.

The bullying is taking its toll. Those who have not already fled, wear their sadness like a badge. You can see it so clearly. Everything they say is scrutinized and analyzed, as they are tasked with wiping away legitimate history. Imagine someone who is so ashamed of their history, they want it erased! I know another regime in 1930s Germany that tried to erase history, that tried to ban books, that tried to create “enemies” so they could gain followers. The danger in not knowing history is that it can be repeated. The evil of the past can haunt us in real time. All it takes is for good people to stay silent.

I always think…well, this time he’s gone too far. I always think that tomorrow people will turn against him for his fascism in the name of freedom. But It never happens. The bully keeps us fearful, watchful, and quiet.

Now, there is HB 999. What is this you ask? It’s a way of dismantling Florida’s higher education system and remakes it to appease our fascist leader. It ends diversity programs, bans majors and minors, and shifts vast amounts of power to university boards. It even proposes leaving all faculty hiring to boards of trustees and will allow a faculty member’s tenure to be reviewed “at any time. This bill is set to be effective on July 1, 2023. There are no checks and balances. The governor is free to appoint anyone he wants and is free to have those appointees Implement whatever policies he dictates. Now is the time to ask yourself—Has he gone too far?

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