Summer is near, springs are clear

by Verlyn Jipson

A breath of fresh air is here, at Rum 138 we are proud to serve as a cornerstone of the community, providing access to the Santa Fe River and its diverse crystal clear springs. At 72 degrees year-round, they’re sure to help you beat the heat. 

Natural wonders of the world, these freshwater springs have a rich history. Believed to be what inspired the myth of the Fountain of Youth, springwater can often be several hundred if not thousands of years old. Naturally filtered, containing beneficial minerals, it’s easy to see why our ancestors considered them to have innate healing properties. Cold water baths have been shown to regulate the immune system, ease inflammation, provide pain relief, and promote healthy brain function, as well as numerous other health benefits.

Why Rum 138?

Have you wondered what’s in that bright yellow building on the way to Rum Island spring? 

Rum 138 is a center for springs enthusiasts. Here you have the opportunity to rent, purchase or shuttle paddling equipment for recreational enjoyment or for fishing. A multi-tiered business model which emphasizes creative culture, music, documentary films, fine art, environmental activism and education. Inside is a rotational springs art gallery, a John Moran gallery, as well as jewelry. 

Rum 138 is also a hub of environmentalism, working closely with Our Santa Fe River who is housed onsight, we provide opportunities to be involved and make an impact. Keep an eye out for our events or book our venue for one. Outside, this outfitter services group outings, river cleanups and community driven fundraisers, we also have live music events and even music festivals. 

The Our Santa Fe River Riverfest is March 26, 1pm until 8pm. Tickets are $10.

Find Rum 138 online or at the springs and see why we have such a pristine and crystal clear reputation nestled in this springs heartland. More information at:

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