Editors’ picks: News that didn’t fit

2023 Roundup: 13 must-read Florida stories
Journalists salute their hard-working peers who told the critical stories of the past year
by the Marjorie Team | The Marjorie | Dec. 20 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1788

A ‘major win’ for PEN America, publishers, and parents in book ban lawsuit
Lawsuit challenging school’s removal of books heading to jury trial.
by Jennie McKeon | WUWF | Jan. 10 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1779

As migrants flee, Florida GOP pushes to ease child labor laws to deal with shortage of workers
If Republicans have their way, 16- and 17-year-olds may soon be working the overnight shift at McDonald’s
by Charles Jay | Daily Kos | Dec. 18 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1780

Cassidy Hutchinson and Ken Burns on the Jan. 6 capitol riots and history
If Trump ‘is elected as the next president … we are one step closer to operating under a dictatorship.’ 
Conversation between Ken Burns and Cassidy Hutchinson on YouTube | Jan. 5 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1782

DeSantis, university system dispute free speech lawsuits brought by UF students
They’re trying to fend off lawsuits from pro-Palestinian student groups that allege First Amendment violations
by News Service of Florida | WUFT | Jan. 2 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1792

Essential stories corporate media refused to cover in 2023: A rundown from TruthOut
Trust in media is at an all-time low, in part because of corporate outlets’ failure to cover what’s really going on
by Peter Handel | Truthout | Jan. 5 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1882

FL Dems won’t have a vote in presidential primary in ’24; what about voters in other states?
Challengers says they were unfairly shut our of the process of getting on the primary ballot
by Mitch Perry | Florida Phoenix | Dec. 11 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1883

Florida politicians may unleash the next generation of payday lenders 
Payday loan-sharking is available via phone app; advocates say the EWA industry preys on low-income workers
by Jason Garcia | Seeking Rents | Jan. 3 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1888

In 2024, more censorship and bans: 
Florida, Texas removing large batches of books from public schools
by Diane Rado | Florida Phoenix | Dec. 21 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1885

Magical thinking about Biden may not save us from another Trump presidency
What if it’s not enough to “merely be the alternative to Donald Trump?”
by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon | Common Dreams | Jan. 11 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1823

New Florida Black History Museum taking public input on content and programs
Will the state’s past be accurate?
by Mitch Perry | Florida Phoenix | Dec. 8 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1886

Using artificial intelligence to smear political opponents targeted in Florida Senate
AI-generated content threatens the integrity of elections by facilitating fabricated information 
by Mitch Perry | Florida Phoenix | Dec. 15 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1790

When idiot savants do climate economics
How an elite clique of math-addled economists hijacked climate policy
by Christopher Ketcham | The Intercept | Oct. 29 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1789

Why people still fall for fake news about climate change
It was the hottest year on Earth in 125,000 years, and #climatescam is taking of
by Mitch Perry | Grist | tinyurl.com/Iguana1781

You could soon be fined for calling someone racist in Florida
Florida Republicans introduced a bill to silence accusations of discrimination
by Tori Otten | The New Republic | Jan. 8 | tinyurl.com/Iguana1791

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