Responding to Amendment 4 and the 6-week abortion ban

by the Gainesville Radical Reproductive Rights Network

On Monday, April 1, the Supreme Court of Florida issued two decisions impacting abortion access for Floridians. First, the Court upheld the 15-week ban on abortion, which will trigger a 6-week ban for Floridians starting May 1. Second, the Court decided that Amendment 4 (Right to Abortion Initiative) will be on the November general election ballot, despite a Florida Attorney General challenge. While the ballot decision is a win for Floridians fighting for reproductive rights, thousands of Floridians being denied health care access by the impending 6-week ban is tragic.

Starting in May, elective abortions can only be performed through six weeks of gestation. Victims of rape, incest, and human trafficking will have 15 weeks after their LMP (last menstrual period) to obtain an abortion; domestic violence victims are not afforded an exception. Most pregnant individuals do not realize they are pregnant until after 6 weeks and a 24-hour waiting period will still be required in most cases. 

Lauren Brenzel, Campaign Director for the amendment’s sponsor, Floridians Protecting Freedom (FPF),  articulated in a campaign press release, “The government should not interfere in personal medical decisions that should be between Floridians and their doctors. And doctors and nurses should not have to risk criminal prosecution to treat the patient in front of them.” If you agree, it is imperative to get involved locally and get the word out to vote yes on Amendment 4 in the November general election! 

There are two key upcoming events in the Orlando and Gainesville areas. In response to the 6-week ban, and to launch the Yes on 4 campaign, FPF is organizing a rally and march in Orlando, on Saturday, April, 13, from 12 PM until 2 PM. The rally will be held at the Walt Disney Amphitheater and the march will circle Lake Eola. Speakers will include health care providers and Floridians discussing their abortion experiences and the devastating impacts of abortion bans. The campaign is strictly non-partisan; health care access concerns EVERYONE. No partisan signs or shirts will be permitted. FPF will have signs for attendees. Youth Action Fund and other orgs are providing local assistance with traveling to Orlando. Physical presence is critical to sending a message to Florida’s government: Floridians do not accept these bans and will enshrine abortion access in the Florida Constitution. Please spread the word and come to Orlando on the 13th!

The following weekend, FPF is facilitating Super Saturdays statewide. The trainings will focus on next steps for the campaign and how to discuss Amendment 4. Super Saturday events will be held on Saturday, April 20, 10 AM – 12 PM in several cities. Gainesville’s event will be hosted by the University of Florida chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action and others. For those who cannot attend in-person, there will be a Zoom option.

Please vote yes on Amendment 4 in the November election, as doing so is the only way for Floridians to protect abortion access in the state! 

Learn more about Amendment 4 from Floridians Protecting Freedom and register for the Rally To End The 6-week Abortion Ban at: and

Coordinate travel support with Youth Action Fund at:

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