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When Trump came to Vermont: The rise of the decent people

by Kelly Mangan

When people heard over the holidays that Donald Trump was planning to come to Burlington, Vermont, the universal reaction seemed to be, “What? *Why?!”* It’s not a popular campaign stop for those angling for the White House. And it’s also home to our own presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, and his campaign headquarters. It was pretty clear Trump’s goal was doing it simply to lift his leg on Sanders’ doorstep — ‘cause he’s classy that way.

It should be a surprise to no one that Trump blew into town and summarily pissed off city hall, the mayor, the entire police department, the staff of the Flynn, much of the Vermont Republican Party, and a majority of the residents.

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He ‘fights like hell for working people’

bernieby Kelly Mangan

It was a warm summer’s night three years ago in rural Vermont. I pulled down a long driveway, past cow pasture and hay bales, up to a small farmhouse porch where an old fellow in a slouch hat was smoking his pipe. He nodded to me and asked if I was lost.

“No, sir,” I said. “I work for Bernie Sanders’ senate campaign.”

He stood and beckoned me inside, then called for his wife saying, “This girl says she’s from Bernie Sanders.”

For more information about how you can get involved in local activities supporting Bernie Sanders for President, contact Jenn Powell of Florida Independent Voters, jennifer@floridaindependentvoter.org or Molly Vise of Progressive Gators, mollyvv@ufl.edu.

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