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Florida’s Water Crisis is Deepening

by Dr. Bob Knight, Director of the Florida Springs Institute

The front page article in the October 2012 Iguana by Joe Courter was titled: “This Election is Pivotal.” Truer words were never spoken.

In 2010 the Florida Republican party cemented their virtual dictatorship over the state government with the razor-thin election of a tea party, big business governor, Rick Scott, and a super majority in both the Florida House and Senate. In the 2012 election, Florida’s outrageous gerrymandering designed by the same Republican operatives strengthened their party’s stranglehold on every aspect of Florida’s state government.

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Did they hear us yet? Update on the Adena Springs Ranch Consumptive Use Permit Request

by karen ahlers

Adena Springs Ranch tried to head us off at the pass late last month. Adena representatives provided a “public meeting” at Church at the Springs in Ocala to announce they will reduce their water permit request from 13.26 million gallons per day (MGD) to 5.3 MGD. Their presentation sounded like they are starting to hear us, but in no way diminishes our resolve to pursue independent review of their proposed consumptive use permit.

The St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) has received thousands of letters and petitions expressing concern or objection.

“We share these concerns and welcome a thorough evaluation of Adena’s water needs and a valid assessment of the likely impacts of their withdrawals,” said attorney John R. Thomas who represents private citizens Jeri Baldwin and myself, who are spearheading an independent review of the permit. “No permit should be issued without a complete assessment and plan to protect and restore Silver Springs, the Silver River and the Ocklawaha River Outstanding Florida Waters.”

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