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The Civic Media Center to host acoustic side of The Fest

The Fest is an amazing Gainesville happening, wrecking Halloween for some, and largely a bro-fest. (A line of 25 guys was seen lining up to pee in Palomino, while women were just going in and out of their side.) You, Iguana reader, are again invited to spend a day or three at the acoustic side of the Fest, at the Civic Media Center. You will see performers from around the U.S. and beyond in short sets.

All ages are welcome with a $10 donation or free with a FEST 14 Pass.

The CMC doesn’t make anything from wristband wearers, the walk-up $10 is ours to keep. See the whole schedule at <www.thefestfl.com> and click on bands for background info.

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FEST features over 300 bands

festIt’s FEST time again, that great endeavor by No Idea Records bringing over 300 bands and artists to play in over a dozen local venues, this year running for 3 days, Oct. 31 through Nov. 2.

People come from all over the country and world, most buying the wristband for access to all venues but one can choose individual venues for a given day.

Acoustic music fans have a venue of their own, the Civic Media Center, which will have twenty hours of performers Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  You can see the schedule adjoining this article.

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