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Ft. Lauderdale homeless hate laws developments 

by Bailey Riley

Since mid-November, in Ft. Lauderdale, there have been multiple changes in approach and methods of action, both on the legislative end and in circles of those directly participating in the resistance against the homeless hate laws.

When the end of Jillian Pim’s second week of hunger strike was rolling around, over 700 people participated in a one-day solidarity fast, including some international folk. Subsequent to that, at least seven others joined her indefinitely. They all had the same goal in mind: starving themselves until the food sharing ban was either lifted or enforcement was ceased. 

Arnold Abbot, the 90-year-old chef from Love Thy Neighbor, who was the first cited for sharing food under the ban, brought a law suit against the city which resulted in a 30-day injunction against the ban beginning on the third of December.

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