Radical Rush, Fall 2011

by the Coordinators at the Civic Media Center

Radical Rush has been organized by the Civic Media Center since 1998.

Radical Rush (RR) is an organizational fair for progressive and radical activist groups of Gainesville to recruit new members and publicize their work to students.

The Rush is presented in the form of a collaborative tabling effort. Campus and community-based groups participate, with the added bonus of helping to bridge the “town/gown” divide and allow activists working on a wide variety of issues to meet each other, network, and learn about each other’s organizations.

Radical Rush also helps break through the generation gap, fostering inter-generational collaboration as students and younger activists are introduced to older, seasoned organizers for a wide variety of causes.

This year we are happy to be able to have RR last an entire week by including both the Santa Fe and UF campuses. Groups participating will be able to reach a much larger audience. Anyone interested in learning about progressive social change and/or becoming more active in the community has the opportunity to talk with members about their organizations.

The CMC called for the first planning meeting on August 15, and several groups sent representatives. RR planners will be organizing a social event at the CMC for Friday, Sept. 16. Please check our events calendar at civicmediacenter.org, where more details will be posted as available.

RR planners are also working with both SFC and UF groups to increase our visibility. There are many folks involved in the planning of RR this year, so it promises to be a creative and successful week of events. Come check it out!

For more information or to participate, please email coordinators@civicmediacenter.org or call 352-373-0010.

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