Wild Iris Books Find New Home

by erica merrell

By now you may have heard the news that Wild Iris Books, Florida’s only feminist bookstore, is moving after 20 years on University Avenue. Here are the details we have so far.

Following a rental increase on the space, we know we have to downsize and find a way to lower our expenses so we can continue to be a part of your lives. We will remain in our current location until Dec. 22. We’re just starting to pull together the details, but expect us to celebrate every night during the week of Dec. 4. Plans will include a special Feminist Open Mic, a storytelling and sharing reception, music by Amy Andrews , a live GROW Radio show and more. Keep checking our online calendar at wildirisbooks.com for more information.

As for our new home, we haven’t finished signing the contracts, but we are in a verbal agreement for a location closer to downtown. Rumor on the street is that we’ll be sharing space and energy with a cooperative grocery store and an info-shop and activist hub. Expect to see us resurface in February – refreshed, shiny and new, and ready to get back to it! Don’t forget that you can order books and local vendor products online at any time while we’re closed – so you can still support us through the transition.

Feminist bookstores are rapidly disappearing around the country, and we are now down to less than 10. We are all watching as the war on women reaches new heights, people are denied the ability to love how they choose, and our young people are constantly bombarded with garbage media and destructive social constructs. Stand with Wild Iris Books as we continue to provide support, solidarity and resources for the feminist, activist and queer community.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Donate to our $20 for 20 Years Fundraising Campaign to help us with moving costs. We’ve already raised more than $4,000, but we still need your help. Can you donate $20 today to support us?  Visit wildirisbooks.com/20for20 for more information.
  2. Stop by for our Moving Sale – from now until we close the University Avenue location, everything (minus consignment and e-readers) is on sale, including furniture and fixtures. Treat yourself to a new book, piece of jewelry or journal. Don’t forget to check out the garage sale table with a random assortment of treasures ranging in price from the $0.25 to $10 or the many shelves of $0.99 books.
  3. Tell your friends – spread the word about Wild Iris and encourage people to visit us in person, online or on our Facebook page.
  4. Come to one of our Week of Wanderlust events and share your memories and experiences of the space. Keep checking online as more festivities are added.
  5. Volunteer! Have a couple of hours a week to hang out with the Iris crew? Sign up online and become part of the team!

We know we couldn’t have made it this for without the communities support, and we want you all to know how grateful we are to have you with us in the journey.

So let’s keep Feminist Bookselling alive. Together we will be unstoppable.

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