Citizens Co-Op Challenge

by Citizens Co-Op

In celebration of our 2nd year anniversary, we’re asking our member-owners to take the co-op challenge.

What is the challenge? A pledge to “SHOP CO-OP” for 30 days.

Since we opened our doors two years ago, we’ve discovered a lot about being a little grocery store. The store itself is maturing, our membership is still growing, but even with all the enthusiasm around the co-op, the summer months still prove the hardest.

As owners of this business, your allegiance determines our success. For the co-op to work and sustain itself, we need our members to do their regular shopping with us.

We understand that changing shopping habits or your normal routine is hard, especially within the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. We get it. It’s cozy knowing exactly what aisle the laundry soap is on after years of frequenting the same store. BOGO deals and coupons from grocery giants have serious money-saving allure, but we have to drive the message home: we’re trying to do something different and we need you to shop here to make this work.

Being a member of the co-op is more than just sporting a bumper sticker or supporting “the idea” of local food. It’s a chance to be a part of a business that’s trying to change the standard.

Unlike most retailers, we’re not profit-driven. Dollars spent at the co-op go straight back into our community. We pay fair wages, promote a democratic working environment, we value and empower our staff. We’re recycling, we’re composting, we’re donating food—we let nothing go to waste. We work with over 25 local farms, carry over 200 locally made products, and we are relentlessly committed to offering our community the best local, organic, and sustainably sourced foods you can find in this town.

We’re really lucky to have this place, so please show your support and take the challenge. Do this experiment with us and see to it that our co-op thrives.

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