Noam Chomsky is coming… again

The Civic Media Center first opened its doors on Oct. 18, 1993—a date coinciding with a speaking engagement by Noam Chomsky at UF, and a couple of roundtable discussions with Chomsky were our first events on that afternoon. Ten years later, the CMC brought Chomsky back to Gainesville and co-sponsored a talk by him at the O’Connell Center attended by over 6,000 people.

Well, it’s ten years later, and guess what? The CMC will be helping bring Professor Chomsky back again. If all goes according to plan, the talk will be again at the O’Connell Center on Wednesday, Oct. 16. And obviously, more information to come.

To read an interesting take on Chomsky, check out Glenn Greenwald’s piece in the Guardian from March 23 – “How Noam Chomsky is discussed”

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