In-state tuition for all

by Phil Kellerman

A bill to offer in-state tuition to foreign-born Florida high school graduates passed its third committee in the Florida Senate by a vote of 8–5. The next stop for Senate Bill (SB) 1400 is the Senate Appropriations Committee, and immigrant advocates hope that this will be last committee stop. If approved, the hope is that it goes to the full floor for a vote.

The bill essentially offers in-state tuition to “Dreamers” who have attended a Florida high school for three consecutive years and enroll in post-secondary education within two years of high school graduation. Out-of-state tuition rates are up to 300 percent higher than in-state rates, making college unaffordable for many immigrant students.

Those wishing to express their support for SB 1400 are encouraged to contact the following members of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Chairman Negron: (850) 487-5032
Vice Chair Benacquisto: (850) 487-5030
Senator Bean: (850) 487-5004
Senator Bradley: (850) 487-5007
Senator Galvano: (850) 487-5026
Senator Gardiner: (850) 487-5013
Senator Grimsley: (850) 487-5021
Senator Hays: (850) 487-5011
Senator Lee: (850) 487-5024
Senator Hukill: (850) 487-5008

Priority should go to contacting the following members who have voted against tuition equity in other committees: Senator Bradley (who represents Gainesville); Benacquisto (who wrongly claims that in-state tuition will promote illegal immigration); Bean; Galvano, and Hukill.

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