Local elections are coming in August

by Joe Courter

Regarding local elections, it will be an interesting year. Ted Yoho, the Tea Party favorite Congressman from District 3 will have a Republican challenger in Jake Rush, recently interviewed by Stephan Colbert and who promises to make thing a bit more fun than usual, and the winner of that will face a real grassroots and high quality Democrat in the person of Marihelen Wheeler.

The state Representative for our district has Repub. Keith Perry facing a strong challenge from Springs and education advocate Democrat John Uman, who should prove a strong and worthy opponent. No primary there, but a hell of a race for November.

Local races are still subject to changes and additions, but as of now there will be Democratic primaries for the County Commission races, and if you are not registered as a Democrat you will have no voice in the primaries, and there are substantial differences between the candidates. Your choice to switch your Party affiliation or not, just sayin’… As of now we like Harvey Ward over Lee Pinkoson and Ken Cornell over Kevin Thorpe. Plum (“Plunder”) Creek weighs heavily on our minds, they are a big slick Corporation with massive PR and money to spend; big on promises and hope-building but bottom line, they are out to make some money and leave. The Iguana strongly endorses keeping with the County’s Comprehensive Plan, and candidates who support this. There are also School Board elections coming up, too., and we like Gunner Paulson and Rob Hyatt.

Local elections are where the voters’ power resides, and working on a campaign multiplies that power. Plato reportedly said, “The price of apathy in public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Cast off your apathy, get involved if you can. A lot of times it is people power and organizing vs. big money and media, and usually it is the former that reflects the more progressive ideas. Visit the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections site for candidate contacts and voting information.

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