See “Targeting Iran”

by Joe Courter

One of the side benefits of the Civic Media Center’s SpringBoard event in March was that David Barsamian had with him copies of a new film “Targeting Iran,” which is based on the book of the same name by David and frequent collaborator Noam Chomsky. In late April the CMC had a screening of the film, and it was very well received; so much so that it was suggested the CMC get copies of it for the library. That has been done, and there are six copies available for check out with your membership. Granted the sabre-rattling toward Iran has not been as prominent, what with the uproar over Cold War style arm waving regarding Ukraine covered elsewhere in this issue, but with the increased Iranian influence in the Middle East region since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the “Iranian problem” is bound to resurface.

This film is very important because of its historical analysis of Iran — its people, its culture and its political system. Drawing on experts from Iran and the region as well as Stephan Kinzer, who has written extensively on U.S. Foreign Policy and especially on Iran and the U.S. engineered coup in 1953 of Mohammed Mosedeh, it also features comments by MIT’s Jim Walsh, National Iranian American Council President and author of A Single Roll of the Dice, Trita Parsi, as well as Vandana Shiva, Nazila Fathi, Jeremiah Goulka and Nahid Mozaffari.

A refreshing low budget and engaging film, it deserves a wide audience, but without a big promotional budget, it is the grassroots that must get this film seen.

And that is what the CMC depends on, too. Come get a membership, or renew your membership, and check out this film or any of the other holdings the CMC has. D

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