Power to the people or Confederate heritage: Which side are you on?

Teach-In, Sept. 19 — Porters Community Center

As part of the ongoing campaign to have the Confederate statue relocated, our third teach-in will be held beginning at noon on September 19 at the Porters Community Center (512 SW 2nd Terrace) and will be titled “Power to the People or Confederate Heritage: Which Side Are You On?”

At this event, powerful speakers will discuss the horrific history of the Confederacy as well as the informal and formal systems of violence, oppression, and discrimination that have perpetuated white supremacy to this day. Our speakers will include Kali Blount on slavery, Kayla Esparra on emancipation, Annette Gilley on discrimination, Herb DuPree on the economy, Jesse Arost on colonialism and imperialism, and Faye Williams on the need to relocate the Confederate statue.

We will also discuss how anyone committed to justice and liberation can advance the struggle to end white supremacy. We will also call upon all present to attend the meeting of the Alachua County Board of Commissioners at 5pm on September 22. At this meeting, the commissioners will be voting on what to do with the Confederate statue, and we will urge them to relocate it out of the heart of the city to a place where it can be a piece of history and not a living symbol of white supremacy.

This event will also feature a potluck lunch. Please consider bringing a dish if you attend, though if you can’t, please come anyway!

Our sponsors include Alachua County Peace Coalition, the Alachua County Black History Task Force, Bailey Learning and Arts Collective, the Civic Media Center, and Dream Defenders.

For more information and to participate, please join the Facebook event “Power to the People or Confederate Heritage: Which Side Are You On?”.

Contact: Jesse Arost, , 352.234.6408, jesse.arost@gmail.com, and Faye Williams, 352.792.6020, sisterspace1515@yahoo.com.

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