Election preview

by Joe Courter

As some of you have seen from various candidates and their supporters who are out getting signature cards signed, the fall elections are gearing up. Although actually, since the primaries for the Nov. 8 general election are on Aug. 30, it is technically summer still. And there will be some hot races which will be decided right there in August in the Democratic Primary.

Here in Alachua County there will be three County Commissioners up for reelection, but as of now, Chuck Chestnut does not have any opposition and entry into the race doesn’t close until June. The two Commissioners who do have opposition are Mike Byerly and Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson, both really great public servants doing great things, especially regarding the environment and the new plan to bring Plum Creek to the table and develop an actually useful plan for Eastside development in the Waldo Rd. corridor. Please support their campaigns.

Sheriff Sadie Darnell will have a challenge in the August primary. Zac Zadalis, a former deputy with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, is trying to build a grassroots campaign around his back to basics and common sense approach to law enforcement, and would be a breath of fresh air. Controversy erupted after Zac had announced his run with an unfortunate domestic dispute; Sheriff Darnell blew the incident out of proportion and terminated Zac.  We will have more next month, but check this out for more background:  http://www.zac4sheriff.com/facts-and-opinions/.

School Board member and popular and effective Eileen Roy will have a challenger as well in the Aug. 30 balloting. Definitely a person to support and keep in office. The other School Board member up for re-election is Leanetta McNealy, and, as of print time, she does not have an opponent. She is quite good and we hope she stays on.

Again, more to come in the next issue of the Iguana on the races coming up in August.

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