Alachua County elections see clean sweep for progressives

by Joe Courter

The Alachua County progressive and environmental community proved able to prevail in the August 30 Democratic primary, with a big win for Robert Hutchinson, and most importantly, a clear 6 percent win by Mike Byerly, the County Commissioner who was the main target of a big money and negative campaign by the forces who wanted to swing the Commission to the right, and into the sway of those who hold the belief that Weyerhaeuser/Plum Creek would somehow be a benefit to Alachua County.

It was a true grassroots effort of dedicated citizen activists, cobbling together skills in organizing volunteers, social media, house parties, phone banking, and financial contributions from a broad array of County residents, and made for a joyous celebration at First Magnitude.

Additionally, Eileen Roy retained her seat on the School Board, Kim Barton will be the new supervisor of elections, and here and around the state, the good solar amendment won decisively.

So now there is a slight pause and regrouping as we ready for the November 8 general election.

Key contested races are local Democratic first time candidate Ken McGurn taking on the rather revolting Tea Party darling Ted Yoho for US House of Representatives, and the fantastic Marihelen Wheeler taking on Republican Chuck Clemons for Florida House District 21. That is an open seat with prior occupant Keith Perry trying to move up to a newly drawn Florida Senate seat. Opposing him will be Attorney Rod Smith.

Medical marijuana will also be on the ballot (yay), as well as an industry sponsored crappy solar amendment (boo). The October Iguana will give you details on all that awaits at the polls in November. Look for us on October 6. D

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