Letter to the Editor

On August 17, 2016, the Doctor Oz television show had Monel Williams as a guest. They discussed how health insurance companies in this country deny thousands of their clients life threatening treatments. These insurance companies are in business to make profits, not to provide life saving treatments.

Doctors VOW to “DO NO HARM” when they dedicate their lives to caring for the sick. Insurance companies play God and CAUSE HARM when they deny doctors to provide the best treatment needed to care for their sick patients.

This country spends outrageous amounts of money to build war weapons to defend the country. A country full of sick people who cannot get needed treatments, don’t need defending—they need medical care.

I have been trying to get a bad tooth pulled for almost a year now. The insurance only pays for cleaning and X-rays. Why take X-rays in problem are not allowed to be fixed? I’m sure politicians and the wealthy would never endure being denied life threatening treatment for their own family, or suffer a toothache with one abscess after another treated with antibiotics over and over, for years.

Politicians spend billions of dollars running for office making all kinds of promises to oversee the best interest of the people. WHY VOTE? None of them care about the needs of the people. It is all a big profit making game to them.

Simonne Liberty
Starke, Fla.

Editor’s response: Organize, organize, organize.

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