Cinema Verde to feature 43 films from around the world, Feb. 9-12

2017 festival logo (1)Each year at Cinema Verde, we try to bring information from the outside world to our Gainesville community in the form of films that would not otherwise find their way to our big screens. When directors are able to join us, and share their knowledge about the environmental issues their films are about, it truly enriches our experience and our knowledge.

In 2012, Peter Brown joined us with his film Confessions of an EcoTerrorist, as well as Christine Heinrichs, an author of books on poultry who was featured in Mad City Chickens. Local legend Wes Skiles presented in our first year, thank goodness. It’s these chances to meet and talk with experts that make Cinema Verde a special opportunity. We have several directors interested in joining us from around the world this year, and we need your help to bring them in and to welcome them to Gainesville.

Cinema Verde will be held February 9-12 at the historic Hippodrome in downtown Gainesville, Florida. The eighth annual festival will feature 43 films from all over the world including Australia, Indonesia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, China, Japan, Pakistan, Iran and one from Florida. There will be full length feature films, documentaries, shorts and music videos. Please join us at this iconic Gainesville location for an amazing film and environmental education marathon.

“The films submitted are so inspiring,” said Trish Riley, Cinema Verde Director, an environmental journalist and author who curates the film festival. “It’s always a challenge to select the best.”

One of Riley’s goals is to create a film list that spans the full range of issues related to sustainability. “We are working to create a sustainable world where we all want to live, and that begins with creating the vision of health, peace, happiness and prosperity that we all deserve.”

This year we have many directors interested in joining us, but they are in need of assistance with their travel expenses. Many local businesses and organizations are working with us to help make Cinema Verde especially outstanding in 2017. Are you or your organization interested in water issues? Sponsor a film. What about energy, waste, animal welfare, peace or sustainable government? We have films on all of these topics – please help us bring these films and their directors to Cinema Verde!

Help us thank the directors for their work by building an audience and coming to the festival. Visit our website for film descriptions and trailers:

Sponsorships are welcome. Expert discussion leaders are welcome. Please contact Trish Riley at 352-327-3560 or D

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