Sponsorship keeps community radio vibrant

By Fred Sowder , WGOT Financial Director

Perhaps you listen weekday mornings to the latest news of the day from Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! Or maybe you catch the jazz selections Sunday mornings on Jazzville, or the darkwave industrial sounds of Shadows at midnight on Saturdays. Or, it could be another of the dozens of locally produced and nationally syndicated Pacifica Radio Network shows we air each week.

100.1 FM WGOT-LP is your community radio station, and we can continue to thrive with your help and that of local businesses.  Our studio crowdfunding campaign is ongoing; details can be found on the WGOT Facebook page. A donation of any size will get us that much closer to providing you live programming originating from the Civic Media Center studios under construction.

In recent weeks, we’ve had several businesses come on board as sponsors of programming on WGOT. For as little as $100 per month (or in some cases even less), you can get your on-air announcement to the progressive community of Gainesville. Send us a Facebook message or email us at underwriting@wgot.org for more info.

Most important is our reliance on volunteers. People like you greatly help our cause by hosting their own programs, providing technical support, or helping with marketing and social media. Join us at our next volunteer meeting on Sunday, July 23 at 1pm at the outdoor Boxcar space at Depot Park. Grassroots independent media is now more important than ever, and we hope we can count on your support. Thank you.

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