Thoughts from a local radio-head

By Joe Courter

I grew up with radio and it still is a huge part of my life. Fred Sowder is a real hero to me for his commitment to WGOT. has a grid of their programming, which we have printed in prior issues. As I live on the Eastside, and frankly like most people, unless you live near the transmitter out near Santa Fe College NW, my car radio is my link. In years to come, streaming and a bigger range will be available. My top seven:

1.  David Barsamian’s Alternative Radio. Timely and important speakers and to me essential listening. It used to be on our Public Radio station, but was dropped because it wasn’t “balanced.”  No it isn’t, it is the counter-balance to corporate media! Fridays at 7pm, Saturdays at 4pm, Sundays at 1pm.

2. Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now. A great daily hour of news, including 10 to 15 minutes of headlines followed by interviews, available Mondays thru Fridays 8am, 1pm, and 4pm.

3. Counterpoise Radio. a timely lecture  or discussion culled from the wealth of speakers available on the internet.  Airs every Friday at 7am, 2pm and 5pm.

4. Stripped and Stripped Music, a two hour block hosted by Fred Sowder, with talk in the first hour and music in the second, airs Wednesdays at 5-7pm, and Saturdays from 9-11pm.

5. Afropop World-wide, also used to be on our public radio. Great mix of music and analysis, quite insightful. Airs Tuesdays at 3 and 6pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm.

6. And yes Music. There is a wide variety of music on WGOT, but acoustic music is my favorite so these are mine. First is  locally produced by HR Gertner: the Red Pony Music Hour on Fridays at 3 and 6pm, and then Sundays at noon and 5pm.

7. Heartbeat True Radio. I hear new stuff all the time on both this and HR’s show. Thursdays at 3pm, Sundays at 2pm.

View the entire grid at, listen when you can, and, most importantly, support them. Punch in 100.1 on your car radio and see what is there. Come to a benefit at First Magnitude on Sunday August 20, or to the volunteer meeting Sunday, July 23 at the Depot Park Boxcar. 

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