Changeville: Gainesville’s Social Change Festival

The Changeville Music & Arts Festival is a space for artists doing good in the world to come together with the Gainesville community and create a new vision for what our world can look like. Every musician and comedian that plays Changeville, every VR experience or film that we showcase, is chosen because of its connection to social change.

“When music, books, film and comedy accompany movements, change happens.”

See and the Changeville Facebook page for more information.

Additionally all the music shows (see website, there are many great shows!), Changeville will host a number of experts, influencers and artists in their Panel and Workshop Series listed next, focusing on aspects of activism that relate directly to artistry. Any Changeville ticket or wristband is requested for entry and can be shown at the door.

The Workshops …………………………………..


Presented by: Leif Stringer Coaching & Communication Training
Date/Time: Thursday, Feb. 8, 10-11:15am
Location: The Midnight

We can only build our community and world when we can communicate and truly listen to each other. Learn how to do that better with therapist and communication specialist, Leif Stringer.


Presented by: Shawna Potter of War On Women
Date/Time: Friday, Feb. 9, 12:30-2pm
Location: The Bull

With hate crimes and harassment on the rise, knowing how to be a good ally to your fellow punks is more important than ever. “No Sexism, No Racism, & No Homophobia Allowed” is a great idea, but how do you implement it? And what is it missing? This workshop should help people recognize some of the privileges they walk around with, as well as provide skills on how to use it for good. You’ll leave with concrete methods to be a better ally for folks who experience all kinds of discrimination in your local scene. Whether you play in a band, book shows, take photos, or just wanna mosh – you have the power to create a safer scene.

The Panels …………………………………………..


Date/Time: Thursday, Feb. 8, 3:30-5pm
Location: The Midnight

Stories have the power to move people, changing opinions and inspiring actions. Join us for this panel discussing the use of storytelling for the benefit of communities whose stories may be silenced or marginalized. How can we use story to empower our communities?

Aaron Foley, Detroit’s Chief Storyteller
Nicole Moore, Director of Communications, Lady Parts Justice
Dr. Jaron Jones, Co-Founder, Self Narrate
Steven Butler, Artistic Director, Actors’ Warehouse, Inc.
Moderator: Taylor Durant, Director, Guts & Glory GNV

Date/Time: Friday, Feb. 9, 9:45-11am

Concerns about the environment are more pressing today than they ever have been. Dive deep into the issues at this panel on how we can use the arts to actually inspire environmental change.

Megan Murphy, Green Hands Coordinator, St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Kentucky Costellow, Environmental Educator; GUTS/Gainesville
Trish Riley, Director, Cinema Verde
Moderator: Anna Sampson, Director, We Are Neutral

Date/Time: Friday, Feb. 9, 2-3:30pm

Location: The Bull

Much of the rhetoric we hear on the news, in politics, and in our daily lives is based around fear of “the other.” It’s easy to believe false statements about people whose stories we haven’t heard. Art is one of the most powerful ways that we can “de-other” people. This panel explores how we can use art to break down stigmas and stereotypes.

Chad Moses, To Write Love On Her Arms
Talia Raymond, Minister, United Church of Gainesville; Professional Dancer
Mallory O’Conner, Author
Moderator: Nicole Harris, Teacher, GHS; Canes On Da Mic Poetry Club – GHS

Date/Time: Friday, Feb. 9, 3:30-5pm

Location: The Bull

The word “ally” is used all the time in social movements but many people actually have a hard time defining what being an ally looks like. If you want to learn how to be the best ally you can be, or if you have ever had questions that you weren’t sure how or who to ask, this panel is for you.

Shawna Potter, War On Women
LB Hannahs, Student Affairs, UF

Will Atkins, Director, UF Multicultural & Diversity Affairs
Moderator: Dr. Jaron Jones, Co-Founder, Self Narrate


We are proud to host a selection of cutting-edge social change-focused Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality installations.

The VR showcase takes place Feb. 9 at the Civic Media Center in downtown Gainesville from 3-7pm. Entry is free with a Changeville Multi-Venue Pass (buy tickets at or $3-10 sliding scale at the door.

We will be showcasing:

Melita (Produced by Future Lighthouse)

In 2026, the world is collapsing due to climate change. Anaaya, a brilliant Inuit female scientist, is appointed to find a planet that humans can inhabit. Melita, an advanced AI, is sent to help her. Together, they embark on a journey against time and preconceptions to save humanity from extinction. During their search for a suitable planet, the relationship between Melita and Anaaya evolves and a drastic decision changes things forever for the both of them and the rest of humanity.

Oil In Our Creeks (Produced by Contrast VR & One Third Blue)

In this immersive VR film by Contrast VR, AJE Online, and One Third Blue, follow Lessi through her village, to the farm and into the creeks and classrooms as she shows us both the environmental devastation and the youth who provide her community with a sense of hope.

Experience 180 degrees of intense landscape shots from the present showing the effects of the oil spill fused with 180 degrees of animation to show how the community appeared before the spill for a full 360 degrees of immersion. Oil In Our Creeks surrounds viewers with that past, present and future of a community grappling with the very local impact of the global oil trade.


Traces is a cinematic virtual reality film exploring the memories of one woman living with Alzheimer’s disease. In the film, the main character Willie White, an 88-year old woman living with dementia, recounts her time as a young girl living in the fields near Mason, Tennessee.

As her words transport us back in time, traces of memory fall in and out—the old wooden farmhouse where she was raised, the coconut cakes her mom would make on Sunday mornings, her favorite white dress, the hymns she’d sing in the choir at church. Through these vibrant recollections, illustrated through re-enactments, we journey with Willie as she searches for the words to one of her favorite songs and the meaning of memory in this new and fragmented landscape.

One Tree, One Planet (presented by the Florida Museum of Natural History in conjunction with Naziha Mestaoui)

One Tree, One Planet celebrates Earth’s rich diversity of animals, plants and microbes represented by the Tree of Life, the immense network of relationships that links all living things. The message of the series is simple: We’re all related.

UF scientists have teamed up with renowned artists to create two multimedia art pieces inspired by the Tree of Life to premiere at the Florida Museum in November. Join us and discover how you are connected to all life forms with which we share our planet, and get inspired with ways you can help protect life on Earth.


Virtual reality simulations designed to teach basic life skills to kiddos and young adults with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities.

Using the science of behavior analysis, BehaviorMe is revolutionizing the way life skills are taught and learned in clinics and schools. 

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