CMC board member featured in book on Latin America

Wednesday, April 11, 7pm
Civic Media Center, 433 S. Main

by Joe Courter

Take three editors and more than 30 writers (all women) and what you will come up with is a book that (we think) is a fascinating look at the experiences of women traveling and working in Latin America.

CMC Board Member Ronnie Lovler and UF alum Elizabeth Holli Wood are two of the contributors to this book that pays homage to what we as women can do, and our ability to share our experiences. Their  writings demonstrate this in Alone Together: Ties of Sisterhood and Solitude in Latin America.

Lovler and Holli Wood will read excerpts from their book in an event on Wednesday, April 11, at 7pm at the CMC.

Lovler’s chapter, “Journalist don’t shoot,” examines her life and experiences as a journalist in Latin America from Puerto Rico to Nicaragua to El Salvador during the turbulent 1970s and 1980s.

Holli Wood, who is of Cuban descent, writes of her experiences in Cuba on a recent trip to the homeland she is just now getting to know. Holli Wood is the creator of the podcast, The Future is Gross.

The two recently took part in panel discussions during the official launch of the book in Bogota, Colombia, where the three editors who came up with the idea for this adventure live.

It was exciting experience for all involved in this project. Lovler shared her thoughts about the book and the process of making it a reality in a brief interview with The Iguana shortly after her return from Colombia.

She praised the editors for coming up with the idea and then it making it a reality. 

“Writers can write, but for the editors the process was perhaps a bit more challenging, because they had to select which writers would be invited to be a part of the book, and then organize the chapters of the book in a way that would appeal to the reader and make sense, “ Lovler said.

As to her own writing, Lovler said the “biggest challenge was to find the right writer’s voice to tell my experiences and decide what to include about my experiences and what to omit. I feel that I managed to convey my experiences in an entertaining and informative way and I hope that those who read my chapter will agree.”

The book is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback versions and will be available for purchase at the CMC reading. D

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