Upcoming events at Working Food Center, Gainesville

Veggie Fermentation Workshop
Saturday, March 17, 10am-1pm
Working Food Center, 219 NW 10th Ave.

Join the Working Food Center for their seasonal vegetable fermentation workshop. If you’ve ever wondered about making your own sauerkraut, kimchi and other vegetable ferments, this is the class for you. 

A little bit of education on why this stuff is so good for you, with a lot of hands on demonstrations where YOU will chop, salt, brine and pack your own ferments. You’ll take home several jars of tasty, bubbly ferments good for the belly, good for soul, and perfect for sharing.

Tomato Bootcamp
Sunday, March 18, 10am-1pm
Grow Hub 2802 NE 8th Ave.

It’s not easy to grow tomatoes in the south. Our humidity, heat, pest and disease pressure can wreak havoc in the garden. This fun three-hour workshop will let you in on the secrets to successfully growing tomatoes in the south. From seed starting to seed saving, we’ll do it all. Topics to be covered are how to start from your own seeds, variety selection, basic maintenance and care (i.e. trellising techniques, suckering, pruning), saving seeds, and breeding your own varieties.

Light snacks and refreshments will be available. Feel free to bring your own, too, as we will be together over the lunch hour. If you have a folding chair, bring it. If plants are ready, we will be selling tomato plants. Bring cash, check or credit cards. Suggested donation of $15-25 to help cover costs.

**REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED** Please visit Working Food’s Facebook page or website at workingfood.org for more information and to register. D

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