Women’s March

by Pam Smith

On Jan. 19, women from all over will join together in Washington DC and march to show our opposition to the racist, homophobic, classist regime ruling there. Gainesville Women’s Marchers are going by car, bus, plane and train. There will be sister marchers from every state.

On the local level, we are joining the statewide march in Orlando that starts at 10am at Eola Park – a combined march of people celebrating Martin Luther King day and the Women’s March. 

At the original Women’s March in DC in 2017, we saw thousands of signs in yards celebrating the words of Martin Luther King as we marched from the bus depot to the downtown area. It brought tears to my eyes that day and confirmed that we were on the right track.

In Gainesville, we will jpin with the MLK march on Monday, Jan. 21. That starts with a Speak Truth to Power rally for Martin Luther King at Bo Diddley Plaza at noon. The march to the MLK Center starts at 1pm, and we will be a contingency in it. Look for our banner and wear a Women’s March (or any women’s power) T-Shirt and march with us! 

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