Adam Christensen’s vision for the future

by Hannah Jacobs

The Adam Christensen for Congress Campaign to fill the vacant seat in Florida’s 3rd district has become a powerful force in the progressive movement growing among all demographics. 

The campaign has been endorsed by prominent figures across the spectrum, including former presidential candidates Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang, as well as organizations No Dem Left Behind, Florida College Democrats, Humanity Forward, and the local chapter of Our Revolution. The support from social media followers and constituents in the district is proof of the traction Adam Christensen’s political philosophies have earned him. 

Adam has built his campaign on the belief that if you work eight hours a day, you should be able to thrive, not merely survive. His comprehensive and detailed policy platform depicts how a successful country should operate. With a focus on job creation, middle-class tax cuts, trickle-up economics, environmental protection, access to health care, quality education, and criminal justice, his platform is sure to make significant strides toward a more fair, equitable, and dignified country. 

Visualize a future world in which he is in Congress, as Representative Christensen, having replaced Ted Yoho:

The pandemic is over due to our beliefs in science and experts. Our favorite local bagel store has remained in business despite months of an economic shutdown due to the $2,000 monthly pandemic stimulus check and proper PPP funding he provided. As we explore our streets free of masks, we notice that the air is cleaner, the homeless population has decreased, and that the threat of crime feels less ominously immediate. In general, people seem to be doing well financially and mentally, our citizens are more healthy, and the role of the family has repositioned itself at the forefront of our daily lives. 

Rep. Christensen has worked with other representatives to sign a law that allows anyone to attend college or trade school through public funding, which has proven to increase wellbeing and to lower crime rates. The financial barrier to quality education can no longer impede our ability to be collectively more educated as a society. Our teachers are more motivated and able to provide quality lessons to students with their new pay raise, and our children are more engaged in their schoolwork. 

Several economic laws have been implemented to ensure that we can work with dignity while maintaining quality personal lives. For instance, new parents can now continue working thanks to guaranteed childcare. No longer are insurance companies the obstacle to access to quality health care — under the health care for all plan, we can redirect our funds to the important things in life. With the understanding that health care is a human right, everyone is able to be proactive with their medical conditions, and we are also able to keep each other safe from spreading any diseases, a lesson taught by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We can now afford our prescription drug prices, which have been effectively halved under laws like the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act. With the enactment of the Freedom Dividend proposed by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, every American can opt in to receiving $1,000 per month, which is enough to alleviate the pressures of monthly living expenses on our salaries and allow us to instead reinvest it in our local businesses. We know that these efforts all serve as middle-class tax cuts because they directly reduce the massive expenditures imposed on our working class. 

People have an overwhelming sense of civic duty because we know that corporations, billionaires, and super PACs no longer control our politics as a result of campaign finance laws. We also have faith in the electoral process because voter suppression efforts have been identified and torn down, and there are federal regulations for protecting voting machines. The hurdles in the way of submitting a ballot have been greatly reduced with laws enabling every one of voting age to be automatically registered and less restrictive absentee ballot options available in all states. Election day is a national holiday, freeing those who are financially obligated to stay at work from the pressures that prevent them from exercising their civic duty. 

Our taxpayer dollars are finally being put toward the betterment of our society, and we are seeing long-awaited, tangible results. Rather than paying for each unhoused person in our community, our taxes are being used to house the homeless and those in need of affordable housing, something that has proven to be cheaper than the former option. Not only this, but also those who are seeing their lowest points can more readily get back on their feet with job training, health care, and similar services now guaranteed by our representatives. Our funding of the local police force, still active and very much in use, has been partially reallocated to community programs that will benefit all of us in some way, directly or indirectly. 

Our police are also respected and appreciated for their services because of the collaborative effort of our leaders. Rather than being viewed as power-hungry instigators of violence against community members, our police have been able to build their reputation as trustworthy protectors of our lives and public spaces. Our officers have been relieved of the exhausting range of daily tasks, including drug use, domestic violence, mental health concerns, immigration issues, and more, leaving them better able to focus on protecting us. Black and Brown communities and schools are no longer threatened by the presence of police. Community oversight programs have been funded and well-established to take on some of these tasks, there is a refreshing sense of trust in our police system. Adding to this overarching feeling is the fact that police are now held more accountable for their crimes against citizens, which was achieved by establishing independent agencies to review police-citizen crimes, enacting stricter use-of-force regulations, ending qualified immunity, and requiring more comprehensive de-escalation and inclusivity training. 

Going along with our newfound sense of faith in science and empirical evidence, we now do everything we can to run sustainable towns. The Green New Deal has created thousands upon thousands of jobs, all of which serve to protect our planet while saving energy and costs. Our local farmers, once under-appreciated, can also reap the benefits of our agricultural practices, which have been capitalized on by big ag businesses for far too long. 

Let us rein in our thoughts and return to reality. We are living in a world where our country has deeply felt the financial hurt and mortality caused by a global pandemic, we cannot trust the integrity of our democratic processes, most of us constantly struggle to make ends meet with looming financial obligations, we are unable to put our health and happiness first, our families are no longer placed in the center of our lives, our planet is crumbling, our police are not respected or able to do their jobs well, systematic racism and sexism plague every institution, and our children cannot be guaranteed a quality education. Our leaders have failed us, and people are searching for a glimmer of hope. 

Adam Christensen has offered a starting point of solutions we need to grow and better ourselves as a society. He has created a comprehensive plan for tackling each and every major threat to American livelihood, being sure to account for everyone. Mr. Christensen is guided by science, his faith, and his campaign slogan, “For the Many, Not Just Me.” 

The Christensen Campaign would like to invite anyone who is interested in realizing this version of a better world which we have laid out to join our fight. We encourage everyone, no matter their party, race, gender, class, background, religion, or personal characteristics, to join our movement toward creating this better world. Our hope of the world is one in which every person is respected, works with dignity, has a say in the future of our democracy, and is able to enjoy the virtues of the American Dream. 

If you are interested in making Adam Christensen’s world a reality starting with our district, please visit our website:

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