Florida Peace Alliance forms links with peace groups

by Florida Peace Alliance

During this time of global pandemic and death, when the U.N. Secretary General calls for a global ceasefire so humanity can work together to save lives and prevent death, and when the United States struggles with its history of racism, a statewide alliance of Florida-based peace and justice groups has formed: the Florida Peace Alliance. 

The Florida Peace Alliance is an alliance of Florida peace and justice groups and allies committed to advocacy, activism and mobilization.

The Florida Peace Alliance already includes more than forty organizations and allies with email contacts and supporters numbering in the thousands. Member organizations are located statewide and include organizations in Miami, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Gainesville, Ocala, The Villages, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples and Fort Meyers.

“We are reaching out to groups, churches and organizations and individuals to create a Florida Peace Alliance and to link with existing peace advocacy groups” said Al Mytty, Co-Chair, who lives in The Villages, and is the Coordinator of World Beyond War – Central Florida. 

“Way too often, the U.S. and the world use war and militarism as the way to settle conflict. As Dr. King taught, ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive our hatred; only love can do that.’ Dr. King clearly showed the interconnectedness of the evils of racism, poverty and war. We need to re-think our priorities, come together and advocate for peace,” said Mytty.

“The culture of war and violence is pervasive in our society. We need to change to a culture of peace and nonviolence. By coming together, we will have a more powerful voice to make positive change. We can teach peace, live peace and work together,” said Dr. Manal Fakhoury, co-chair, and founder of Ollin Women International. 

The Florida Peace Alliance recognizes the interconnectedness of many issues related to peace, such as climate change and environmental destruction, gun violence, racism, immigrant rights and reform, capitalism and corporate power, trade and globalization justice, social inequality and poverty, inadequate housing, healthcare for all, criminal justice reform, voters’ rights, etc. 

All are intertwined with our culture of militarism, violence and imperialism. All of these diminish the value of human life.

The Florida Peace Alliance recognizes that many of the state’s representatives in Congress, including both senators, often take pro-war and interventionist positions that fuel conflict instead of diplomacy. 

The Florida Peace Alliance hopes to push our representatives to promote “good neighbor policies” based on non-intervention, mutual respect and non-violent resolution of conflicts.

The focus for the Florida Peace Alliance will be: peace and alternatives to war, disarmament, banning nuclear weapons, nonviolence and peace training, sanctions, costs of war, military draft, military alliances, the military industrial complex, etc.   

Some possible actions for the Florida Peace Alliance Coalition will be to: 

  • advocate for peace, an end to war, and nonviolent, non-militaristic ways of resolving conflict
  • mobilize organizations and individuals when action and resistance are needed.
  • promote events — live and online — so organizations can get the word out to their memberships
  • lobby Florida local, statewide and national legislators, and advocate for peace and reduced militarism.
  • promote peace and alternatives to war intergenerationally.

For further information contact Al Mytty at amytty@hcamllc.com or 317-373-7355 or Manal Fakhoury at manal.llc@gmail.com or 352-266-1268.

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