Letter to the Editor: Alford has experience, ethics

During my advocacy work in Columbia Co. during the last ten years or so, I have had the opportunity to travel to many of the counties in North Central Florida and I always admired the overall progressive quality and ethics of Alachua County’s Commission. 

Mary Alford is highly qualified and likely to continue this heritage. Endorsing her is simple and easy because I have known her personally for several years, since she shows up often in the right places doing admirable things to improve her county and state. These efforts are usually volunteer and provide her with lots of experience in working with local government.

I do not know her Republican rival, but upon researching her, the first thing I found is that Keith Perry endorsed her, and that is enough to know that she does not have the mindset to improve life in Alachua County. Further research bore this out, as her accomplishments absolutely pale compared to Mary Alford’s.

Mary Alford is smart, hard-working, capable and experienced.

Jim Tatum
112 W. Minnehaha St.
Tampa, FL 33604
(352) 213-3916 D

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