Trump Contracting Covid 19

by Joe Courter

With publishing there are schedules and deadlines. Breaking news for a monthly is problematic, it means you won’t have any mention of a really big story, you put in a short acknowledgment, or you do the classic “Stop the Presses!”

The Iguana faced this when airplanes flew into building in Sept. 2001. Something big had just happen, the ramifications of which we knew would be big, but would not be known for days and weeks. We were wrapping up production. This feels similar.

How this plays out we do not know. The physical outcome for Trump to the invading virus and effectiveness of treatments they give him…unknown. How will this affect campaigning in the days left before the election? Unknown. Will this overshadow everything else with a big sympathy vote? Unknown. But here we are, October 5.  Ink is hitting the paper today. Let’s hope he lives to see the vote in November, and that it is a massive repudiation of his incompetent leadership.

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