March 17 election endorsements

by Joe Courter

Those of you within Gainesville city limits will have one or two other races on your ballot March 17 beyond the presidential primary. 

These are in regard to the City Commission. Helen Warren is a current at large commissioner, and she is term limited out. Among the people running for her seat, Reina Saco stands out. She is an attorney with a history of advocacy on renters’ and immigrant rights. Hopefully enough people will vote for her to avoid a runoff, as there are four candidates in the race (see Jean Chalmer’s article on rank choice voting on page 6).

City folks in District 2 and 3 are encouraged to retain their current commissioners, Harvey Ward (2) and David Arreola (3). Both have good track records and are much more aware and active on issues like housing, transportation, human rights, and the environment than their opponents.

We support Saco, Ward, and Arreola. And of course Bernie Sanders for president (with Elizabeth Warren as a strong second place).

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