Renters’ rights and acts of worker solidarity to combat white supremacy

by Jesse Cosme,

Alachua County Labor Coalition

Over the past couple years there has been a heightened awareness around white supremacist activity. In these times, it is important to recognize the role of capital goal of alienating workers from one another in perpetuating white supremacy and misogyny, among other oppressive and divisive phenomena. 

Much has been written historically about the role of white supremacist and masculine violence rhetoric as tools of the capitalist class to divide white men workers from everyone else, dating back to slavery. With the growing tides against worker solidarity since the 1970s, there has been a growing tide of white supremacy that is crashing upon us with immense force.

In this climate, it is essential for us to continue to build worker solidarity across all areas of society. This is why programs like the Renters’ Rights platform by the Alachua County Labor Coalition are so important. 

It is important to continue to unify working people across all the issues they are impacted by. As the city and county work together to find solutions around affordable housing, renters, who are primarily workers, must not be left behind. This is an essential step in building worker solidarity. 

As it is an essential step, it is just one step among many more  that must be taken to build worker solidarity and go further in bringing power into the hands of workers. 

The Gainesville City Commission is currently in the process of voting on formulating an ordinance based on the recommendations derived from their Renters’ Rights subcommittee. It is imperative that all renters stand in solidarity with one another and write the city commission to express the importance of these recommendations. 

Send your emails to Together, through worker solidarity, we can fight white supremacy, and create better conditions in Gainesville and beyond.

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