Reuse Planet’s grand opening October 9

The Repurpose Project is excited to announce the grand opening of Reuse Planet, its second reuse store that will feature larger items such as furniture, cabinets, appliances and more.

The grand opening will be held at the newly purchased 20,000 square foot building at 1540 NE Waldo Road in Gainesville on Oct. 9 from 10am to 6pm, with a ribbon cutting at 10am. The local reuse economy is getting larger, and that is a great thing for this community and the planet.

Reuse Planet is Phase II of The Repurpose Project’s plan to build a network of reuse stores to model what a large-scale local reuse economy can look like. 

Reuse is an overlooked, but important, part of the climate change solution. The mining, harvesting, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of material goods are extremely energy intensive, and the environmental degradation caused during the extraction of resources is causing catastrophic harm to the natural world and the animals and people who live here. 

Animal habitat loss is driving much of the biodiversity decline, and solutions must be found in order to protect the delicate balance of this amazing planet we call home.  

Building a circular economy is good for the planet, and it’s also good for our local community members. The east side of Gainesville is lacking in retail services, and The Repurpose Project and Reuse Planet are committed to providing this underserviced side of town with access to low cost materials.  

Phase III, a goal of developing convenient and efficient delivery, pickup, and cleanout services, is well underway, with one objective being to remove barriers that keep people (specifically those without vehicles) from being able to purchase lower cost used items.

This expansion would not have been possible without the incredible and generous outpouring of support during The Repurpose Project’s building fundraiser. Over 500 individuals donated to make this expansion a reality during the short 60-day fundraiser. Seven community members came through in a pinch over the course of just 10 days to provide private loans when the bank loan fell through. 

This incredible display of generosity and trust shows how much people believe in, and want more of, the services that are being offered. The Repurpose Project is looking forward to delivering on the promise to expand reuse and create an alternative retail system that helps people and the planet.

The Repurpose Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to innovating reuse infrastructures and systems to build a robust reuse economy. To learn more about The Repurpose Project and Reuse Planet visit their website at

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