The Fellowship of the Springs: A documentary series

Florida’s springs are much more than places for people to cool off in the summer.

In this documentary film, we delve into the essence of these natural pools — educating viewers about what the springs are, how they function, and why they are critical to the well-being and sustainability of Florida’s growing populations.

We will explore how nature and industry can co-exist and thrive in north Florida, and what that partnership represents for the whole state.

The film will also compare north Florida’s water challenges to other parts of the world dealing with aquifer management issues such as Northern India, Namibia, California and Northern China.

Explica Media will produce a 60-minute educational documentary film, a virtual reality video and a series of shorter videos on the issue.

Airing on WUFT in Gainesville and surrounding areas on July 21 and 28 at 10pm. 

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