Chandler Brooks Otis, 1955-2022

by Paul Schmidt, Owner of Bikes and More

Reclusive and soft spoken by nature, Chandler Brooks Otis was a pillar in the volunteer cycling community. 

I was introduced to CBO through Bike Florida and Campus Cycle bicycle shop. I eventually, through Chandler’s help and guidance, became a tour mechanic alongside CBO, and his coworker at Campus Cycle (circa 1995). 

I was able to return the kindness in 2007, when I took ownership of Bikes and More bicycle shop, and hired CBO as my employee. I worked with Chandler until he took a permanent position with Bubba’s Pampered Peddlers, a full-time cycle touring operation.

His time was well spent introducing new riders to cycling and repairing countless bicycles; bicycle mechanics were the least of his talents. He was well educated and well spoken, and often used his journalism degree to send the Gainesville Sun opinion articles advocating for cycling. 

His cycling pursuits and other volunteer efforts all took a back seat to his lifelong dedication to the Friends of the Library book sale. He volunteered as a child, alongside his parents, and continued to assist in the annual sale, long after their passing.

He dedicated his life to being an aid to others. His servitude to his community required no gratitude but was appreciated by all he assisted. 

I am grateful for the influence he had on my path, for his compassion, and his dedication to his community. My abilities as a mechanic and my focus on cycling would not be what they are without the guidance and tutelage of Chandler Otis.

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