DylanFest: May 21 at Heartwood Soundstage

The 2nd Annual DylanFest, a celebration of Bob Dylan and his songs, will take place a few days shy of his 82nd birthday on Sunday, May 21, from 1 to 7pm, at Heartwood Soundstage. 

Produced by Gary Gordon and Heartwood Soundstage, the emphasis will be on Dylan’s songs. Donations benefit the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute.

The mission of the Florida Springs Institute is to improve the understanding of springs ecology and to foster the development of science-based education and management actions needed to restore and protect springs throughout Florida.

DylanFest II features several Gainesville area musicians including Ric Kaestner, Mick Marino, Hollyanne Page, Michael Tamayo, Gary Gordon And, George Gomez, Quincy Flint, Barry Sides, Big Owl & Tony, Nicole André Wagner, Shawn Manley, Cathy DeWitt, Eli Tragash, Tapewerm, Mark and Barbara Armbrecht, The Ramblin’ Mutts, and more.  The Emcee is Chris Qualmann.

The concert is free and takes place outdoors. Donations are requested. For info see: tinyurl.com/Iguana1611

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