WGOT: its future is you

Visit open house June 11 to learn of opportunities

by Fred Sowder, WGOT station volunteer

This month, both the World Health Organization and the Federal Government have declared an end to the Covid pandemic. It’s a historical event that’s been challenging for many, including your community radio station. Now more than ever, we need the help of our community. That means you.

On Sunday, June 11, please consider joining us at the Civic Media Center (433 S. Main St.) for our open house and live broadcast from 10am to 1pm. You can get a look at WGOT’s air studio and find out how you can formulate and host your own program. 

The epidemic led to many of our locally-produced shows to fall by the wayside. Your imagination and artful ideas can help us rebound from this tough time. 

If radio talent isn’t exactly your forté, that’s fine. There are a multitude of ways you can help WGOT re-expand its presence in the community. 

Web design, graphic design, audio production, data entry, and other skills can be of great use in helping WGOT be a bright spot in our community. We’d also like for you to have a say in WGOT’s future. By being a member of our board, you can help sculpt WGOT’s future by attending a meeting every month or two. In fairness, though, most of our day-to-day operations are conducted online via project tracking software, so you can be engaged with your community radio station from anywhere.

Last but not least, your financial assistance has allowed us to continue serving the Gainesville community for over 15 years. We can only continue with your help. Donations are always appreciated when sent to the Civic Media Center, but we have other online ways you can make a donation. 

We’re trying to reach 100 total sustaining members through our Patreon page. By being one of the “Hundred for 100.1,” you can get access to exclusive content you can only find online and more. Just search for WGOT on patreon.com. 

You can also search for us on GoFundMe if a one-time online donation is more convenient. We also hope to soon have news regarding our 15th anniversary benefit concert. 

Please stay tuned and get involved! 

Thank you.

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