Editors’ picks: News that didn’t fit

AAUP votes to sanction New College of Florida 
The American Association of University Professors’ governing Council voted unanimously to add New College of Florida to their list of institutions sanctioned for substantial noncompliance with widely accepted standards of academic government. They said that the college’s board of trustees and administration thoroughly restructured the college’s academic offerings without meaningful faculty involvement and denied academic due process to multiple faculty members.
from AAUP.org | tinyurl.com/Iguana1896

Alachua County’s journey to truth and reconciliation
Over the past six years, Alachua County and hundreds of community members have embarked on a Truth and Reconciliation project in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama. The project shines a light on the dark side of our county’s history and looks for healing. The result of that work led to the creation of a unique county-wide effort unlike anywhere else in Florida – and arguably the nation – at a time when talking about race relations and slavery has been considered controversial by some.
by Andrew Caplan | tinyurl.com/Iguana1900

Florida Republicans may shift more taxes from businesses to consumers
In 2021, the Florida legislature passed Senate Bill 50, which shifted a $1 billion load off of businesses and on to consumers. Now, they might do it again with House Bill 7073, a roughly $700 million package of tax breaks that is badly lopsided in favor of businesses over consumers.
by Jason Garcia | Seeking Rents | tinyurl.com/Iguana1890

Florida Senate votes to allow people to kill Florida black bears in self-defense anywhere in the state
The Florida Senate has approved a controversial measure to allow people to kill black bears in self-defense. Democrats opposed the bill, with some saying that it would be more appropriate to emphasize education and mandate that people secure their garbage. Animal rights advocates have argued strongly against the bill, saying that bears are critical to Florida’s ecosystem.
by Mitch Perry | Florida Phoenix | tinyurl.com/Iguana1898

Florida House passes bills expanding censorship and government control agenda
The Florida House passed three bills that continue to expand an agenda of extreme censorship and government intrusion and overreach by the Republican-controlled legislature. Now the Senate will decide on the fate of the Trans Erasure Bill (HB1639), the Stop WOKE Teacher Training Bill (HB1291), and the Preemption of   Employment Protections Bill (HB433).
Florida Equity | tinyurl.com/Iguanahttps://tinyurl.com/Iguana1943

Former journalist indicted for allegedly hacking and leaking embarrassing Fox News footage
Timothy Burke, a former journalist, has been charged with 14 federal crimes over the alleged hacking and leaking of a series of unflattering behind-the-scenes clips of Tucker Carlson, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday. In the grand jury indictment, Burke was charged with one count of conspiracy, six counts of accessing a protected computer without authorization, and seven counts of intercepting or disclosing wire, oral or electronic communications.
by Oliver Darcy | CNN | tinyurl.com/Iguana1897

Fresh Air: Tracing the rise of Christian nationalism, from Trump to the Alabama Supreme Court
Terry Gross, on NPR’s Fresh Air interviews Bradley Onishi, a former Christian nationalist who’s now a professor of religion and the author of “Preparing for War,” a critique of the Christian nationalist movement and its impact on American democracy. Onishi believes many people in Congress are affiliated with Christian nationalism, as evidenced by the tenets of the Republican party’s policies and its approach to the upcoming elections.
by Terry Gross | NPR | tinyurl.com/Iguana1915

To the corporate media, workers may as well not exist
Working-class people are systematically left out of mainstream media coverage. So the stories we get are incomplete, skewed, or even complete distortions of reality. For example, economic insecurity is rarely reported on by those who have experienced it. Mainstream journalism is increasingly dominated by those from well-off backgrounds, excluding the majority of Americans.
by Anne Rumberger interviewing Ann Larson | Jacobin | tinyurl.com/Iguana1894 

UF eliminates diversity, equity and inclusion offices
The University of Florida fired 13 full-time diversity, equity and inclusion positions and ended 15 administrative appointments for faculty on March 1, according to a memo released that day. It also eliminated the office of the Chief Diversity Officer and ended DEI contracts with outside vendors. The memo follows a 2023 Florida statute prohibiting the university from spending state or federal funds on DEI initiatives, which was approved by the Florida Board of governors in its final form on Jan. 24.
by Alissa Gary | Alligator | tinyurl.com/Iguana1914 

Who wants the U.S. Supreme Court to limit abortion pill access? 
Anti-abortion groups, attorneys general from 25 states and more than 140 members of Congress have signed on to dozens of briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court during the past two weeks, encouraging the justices to revert use and prescribing of the medication abortion pill mifepristone to what was in place prior to 2016.
by Jennifer Shutt | Florida Phoenix | tinyurl.com/Iguana1916

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