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Dream Defenders takes on state attorney races

by Dream Defenders

The election of state attorneys with progressive policies has become a central focus of national civil rights organizations. This year, Dream Defenders, along with many allied social justice organizations, is supporting strategic state attorney races across Florida. The landslide victory of Amendment 4 is undeniable proof that the majority of Florida voters want a system that treats people humanely.

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You must be a D to vote for Bernie!

by Joe Courter

Florida is a closed primary state, which means only people of a given party can vote in the primary election for that party.  

To vote in the Democratic primary March 17, you must be registered as a Democrat by February 18. If you are registered otherwise, or NOT registered at all, you need to change your registration by February 18.

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January-February 2020 Gainesville Iguana

The January/February issue of the Iguana is now available, and you can access it here! If you want to get your hands on a hard copy, check out our distro locations here.