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Making the Morning-After Pill Available for All, Regardless of Age

Photo by Pete Self. Courtesy of National Women's Liberation (NWL).

Photo by Pete Self. Courtesy of National Women’s Liberation (NWL).

Stephanie Seguin (of National Women’s Liberation) testifies as Gainesville activists, led by NWL as part of a national “Week of Action,” put the morning-after pill on the shelf during a feminist flashmob at a local CVS on Friday, May 17th. Seguin told the crowd how much easier the pill is to get in her experience in France and England; over 60 countries currently make the pill available without age or other restrictions.

NWL’s goal is to stir grassroots activism to pressure the Obama Administration to drop its appeal, which is blocking the April 5th federal court order to make the Morning-After Pill fully over-the-counter with no age restriction–just like aspirin.  Flashmobs or banner drops were held during the week in a dozen cities across the U.S., in collaboration with Women Organized to Defend and Resist.  See  www.womensliberation.org.
For more information on the struggle to make the morning-after pill available to all, see “We won’t stop until the morning-after pill is available to all, regardless of age” from The Guardian.