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Rad Press Café closing up shop

by joe courter

Rad Press Coffee, despite a number of people doing a lot of work, has folded. They just could not muster the level of business needed to make it work out.

The Civic Media Center owes them great thanks for the infrastructure they added to the space, with sinks and counter-top that will remain for whatever other activities occur there. The CMC can use it for serving at their events, and it WILL be in use for The Fest at the end of October for sure. Summer was a poor time to launch their re-opening, but optimism is a hard thing to keep in check. However, for all the planning and the training of new workers it was not working in that configuration.

While that loss puts the CMC in a pinch for volunteers, too, as Rad Press people could serve that function, persevere the CMC will. It has shortened the hours for summer to save on time the A/C has to run. The new hours are 2pm to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

South Main is still cooking, though. A new space called The Primitive Studio is opening in the space being revitalized by the Freewheel Project at 618 S. Main St. This will include a performance space for plays and comedy. While the immense work of the City is prepping Depot Park, around it are a lot of small enterprises using sweat and dreams to build assets to a future hub of activities for all of Gainesville to come down to and enjoy.

Which banners are illegal?

IMG_1118 IMG_1119

by joe courter

Soon after the City closed the Bo Diddley Plaza for construction March first, green screening went up around it. Fine. Then recently, the banners shown in the photo to the top right went up: 6 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 75 of them ringing the Plaza. You’d think there would be a city code about such tacky, ugly visual pollution. I guess not if the City does it.

At bottom right is the Coffee Shop banner the Rad Press Cafe had in front of the CMC. Had. City Codes Enforcement came by and said it had to go or they’d be fined. The Rad Press Cafe had just reopened and the sign was helping draw people in. This is beyond absurd. I mean, really!

(By the way, Rad Press Cafe is open 10 to 6, Monday thru Saturday, great teas and coffee. Good food. Lots to read. Internet. But no banner. Check them out.)

Rad Press Café Re-Opening

We’re here to serve you a cup you can feel good about. We offer espresso and coffee from locally roasted Strongtree coffee, teas from Eco Prima and Starwest Botanicals, shop-made soda and lemonade, and vegan baked goods from Karma Cream. Jon Church, former chef for Grooveshark and The Citizen’s Co-Op (our next-door neighbor), is whipping up sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more.

Local non-homogenized dairy milk from Wainwright Farms will now be an option for our coffee beverages. Our milk options have always been researched, and we do our best to minimize harm and buy from companies that source and conduct business ethically.

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