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Oct. 4: Birthday celebration for Cathy DeWitt, Stetson Kennedy

The Civic Media Center will host a free event honoring Florida folklorist/author/activist Stetson Kennedy and local singer/songwriter Cathy DeWitt on Sunday, Oct. 4 from 4 pm to 6 pm.

The Stetson Kennedy Foundation earlier this year awarded Cathy with the 2015 “Fellow Man and Mother Earth Award” recognizing her outstanding achievement in promoting environmental kinship, human rights and the preservation of traditional culture. The upcoming event offers the community a chance to recognize Cathy, and has the added bonus of being a birthday party for both her and Stetson — born just a day apart. Thee CMC is the home of the Stetson Kennedy Library, where his personal library of 2,000+ books found a home after he died in August 2011. The author of nearly a dozen books, Stetson used his brave heart, curious mind and sharp pen to effect change, infiltrating and exposing the KKK in the late ’40s. Stetson’s widow Sandra Parks-Kennedy will present this important award to Cathy. Past winners include Frank Thomas, Pete Gallagher, and Jeanie Fitchen.

Cathy has contributed her music to the Gainesville community for decades, hosting the NPR affiliate radio show Across the Prairie, composing songs, and playing in benefits to support the environment, arts, and human rights. Cathy’s band “Patchwork’’ will perform at the event, and will speakers and testimonials celebrating the achievements of both Stetson and Cathy — on their birthdays! Refreshments will be served.