October 2011

Stop the Machine! Create a New World! What is the machine? Corporatism and militarism. What new world is possible? One in which people’s needs are more important than corporate profits, in which we unite our struggles for jobs, education, housing, healthcare and human rights, in which we are freed to implement solutions for a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

October 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the US’s invasion of Afghanistan. On Oct. 6, individuals and organizations that promote peace and justice will join together in the October 2011 Movement in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. Hundreds of organizations around the country are involved in the planning of this peaceful and sustained occupation, which they hope will turn into our Tahrir Square, Cairo or the next Madison, WI.

Gainesville is organizing a group; for more info on travel information and the local plan, contact John Fullerton with Gainesville Veterans for Peace at jfullerton3@cox.net.

For more info visit www.october2011.org.

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