WGOT gets FCC go-ahead for full-time broadcast status

By Fred Sowder

On February 11, the Federal Communications Commission issued a construction permit for WGOT-LP to migrate up the dial to 100.1FM to its own frequency. The station currently is in a time-shared agreement with two other stations on 94.7FM: WGLJ-FM (belonging to Calvary Baptist Church) and WVFP-LP (owned by Faith Presbyterian Church).

These are exciting times for the radio project of the Civic Media Center, which has already been streaming a 24/7 schedule in anticipation of this news for well over a year.

Funding will be a vital key to getting WGOT to full-time status, which is almost certainly going to require a physical studio space and related audio equipment as well as a new transmitter and antenna.

All of these things combined will be of considerable cost, and the exact amount needed for this transition is still being researched. Regardless, a crowd-sourcing and membership campaign is in the works to launch later this year.

There are many ways the citizens of Gainesville and the surrounding areas can help make WGOT’s bid to go full time a reality. Please visit the station’s website at wgot.org to become a supporter, underwriter, staffer, or even board member.

WGOT staff meets at least a couple times each month in the courtyard behind the CMC and Citizens Co-Op. Whether it is at staff meetings or on the website, you can find out how you can begin to put together your own radio show on WGOT.

The station has hosted a few teach-ins on the basics of producing your own radio show at the CMC, and more are planned for the future. Finally, if you own a local business, becoming an underwriting sponsor is a win-win: providing an inexpensive way to get word out about your business as well as supporting grassroots community radio.

WGOT has been on the air in Gainesville well over six years and has featured nationally known programs such as Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman as well as programs formerly aired on WUFT-FM such as Alternative Radio with David Barsamian and Afropop Worldwide, hosted by Georges Collinet.

We’ve also augmented our schedule with vitally needed local and national Spanish language programs such as Informativo Pacifica and Noche Latina.

These programs and countless other locally produced shows are only possible thanks to the generous donations from local individuals and businesses and the countless musicians and venue-owners who have participated in dozens of WGOT benefit concerts. Please keep an eye out for WGOT to have more of these in the future.

For years, WGOT has been inviting you to “Go Low!” Now you’re being invited to help WGOT also “Go Big!” Your continued support is appreciated beyond words. Thank you.

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